I graduated from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, with an MA in Political Science and International Relations in 2018. Subsequently, I also completed a Master's degree in International Public Relations in English at the National University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, UK. Since 2020, I am a student at the NKE Doctoral School of Public Administration, where my research focuses on political communication and the political language of European minority movements, including the discourse of the Scottish and Catalan independence movements. I am a native speaker of English and Spanish.

I started my professional journey as an intern at the Embassy of Hungary in Madrid, and subsequently participated in the Danube Institute and Mandiner internship programs. As a strategic analyst, I worked for two years at the Deputy State Secretariat for Strategic Analysis of the Prime Minister's Office, where I was responsible for international economic, legal and political analysis.

I joined the MCC in early 2021 as a Senior Researcher in the Academic Directorate. My responsibilities include preparing research in support of MCC's strategic decisions, writing peer-reviewed publications, supporting MCC's academic research activities, and coordinating the MCC PhD Program. In addition to my MCC duties, I am a regular journalist writing for the Mandiner's legal column, Precedent.