From spring 2021 I will be working at the MCC Miskolc Training Center. I graduated in Political Science from the University of Miskolc. During my university years, I took on several leadership roles in the Student Council. I have been involved in the life of the Campus as the head of the Dormitory Committee and the organizer of student events. After my university years, I worked for the B-A-Z County Municipality, the Hungarian Parliament Office, and I was an event organizer and head of cabinet in several municipalities. I also help in the work of NGOs and cooperatives.

I immediately said yes to the MCC's request, as one of my main concerns is to support young people's talents. I was first a dormitory manager and later became more familiar with the University Program.

I like hiking and cycling. I am very interested in the development of tourism in Tokaj-Hegyalja, which is why I would like to get my next degree in tourism.