Dr. Khater is currently the Head of the Center for Strategy and Performance at the University of Cambridge. He is also the director of the YNOT Institute for Digital Finance and a Fellow Commoner at Queens’ College, Cambridge. Dr. Khater has worked in alternative finance, investment and innovation for over 20 years. His research and practice interests and experience include strategic & financial modelling, the development of Fintech innovation, and the advancement of capability-based competition. He has worked in the United Nations, in financial institutions, and has been a consultant for several biomedical, software, and telecom companies. Dr. Khater has worked as a fund manager and investment advisor for several global wealth management offices and top banking institutions. His career in the financial industry focused on applying artificial intelligence to market analysis and trading. Having worked in developing some of the earliest automated trading machines, Dr. Khater went on to launch his own firm dedicated to building highly intelligent trading systems. Post the global financial crises, he coined the term “capability-based investment” during his PhD work and introduced the first trading system for picking stocks based on underlying capability value. Together with his Japanese partners, Dr Khater went on to start two successful hedge funds operating internationally. Currently, he is regarded as an authority in financial technology and is involved in building the next generation trading systems with global players such as Reuters, SNP group, and Infinity Labs Tokyo.