After two college degrees, I graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Szeged in 2001. My management experience includes managing director of a mining planning company, managing director of a service company and division manager of an asset management company. In addition to my management responsibilities, I have mainly been involved in the operation and professional management of swimming pools and sports halls, student residences and cultural and leisure facilities. As a business unit manager and business consultant, I have gained market experience in several national and international companies.

At MCC, my current assignment is to manage the entire real estate portfolio of the Collegium in Budapest and in the countryside and to organise the work of the Board of Directors. My main motivation in the day-to-day drift of tasks is working together with my prepared and enthusiastic colleagues.

Our aim is to provide the students and staff of the Collegium with an ever-evolving and liveable facilities environment in which to study and work.