Born 1975 in Romania, since 1984 citizen of Germany, is working as a columnist and author for different newspapers and magazines in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Kelle is a well known expert from media and TV shows and author of different bestselling books about feminism, gender critics and motherhood. („Dann mach doch die Bluse zu“, 2013, „GENDERGAGA“, 2015 „MUTTERTIER“; 2017,  „Noch Normal? – Das lässt sich gendern!“, 2020,  and just released in Harvest 2021: „CAMINO“. She also contributed to several other books with topics like family and gender politics. Kelle is member of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) in Germany and contributed as an expert in several panels and in front of parliamentary committees.  She is mother of four children and president of the German women's NGO „Frau 2000plus e.V.“