As Deputy Director of the High School Program (SPS), my main task is to coordinate the work of the national and provincial SPS teams. Together with my colleagues, we strive to ensure that young people have a memorable experience during their years in KP. To this end, we provide and develop unique program elements that allow students to develop a broad range of professional skills while also becoming part of a community of motivated students. High school students can also prepare for their university years in a targeted way thanks to the HSP program elements.

I have a PhD in Applied Linguistics. My dissertation focuses on the analysis of students' classroom speaking activities. I am continuously performing research on this topic. I am also a member of the Gyula Szemere research group on mother tongue pedagogy, and I am also actively involved in research and teaching. My main research interests are discourse analysis, classroom communication, student speech, psycholinguistics. I have experience in primary, secondary and university education, as well as in science organization and community building.


  • PhD degree summa cum laude (ELTE, Doctoral School of Applied Linguistics)
  • MA in Hungarian and Language and Speech Development (ELTE)
  • BA in Hungarian Communication (EKF) 
  • Marketing and Advertising Administrator (GtB)

Languages: English and German