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As a Visiting Fellow of MCC, Associate Professor Ilan Wurman of Arizona State University, was received for a series of talks at the Constitutional Court on 18 May 2021.

During the talks with justices and chief advisors, the parties have addressed the political, historical and constitutional legal reasons and circumstances providing the basis for the operation of the Constitutional Court from its establishment in 1989. They also touched upon certain high profile cases (death penalty, abortion) in this context, while also providing insight into the background of the international criticism voiced in terms of the Constitutional Court both in the United States and in Hungary.

In addition to the composition of the Court, during the talks, more emphasis was put on the specific competences, in particular norm control and constitutional complaints, regarding which the Constitutional Court’s relationship with the Hungarian justice system was also presented in detail, with special regard to its differences from the American model.

Photo by: Márton Sulyok