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Budapest, 4 November 2020 – The Youth Talent Programme of Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) is to open its ninth training centre in downtown Debrecen. Fifth-grade students are invited to apply – with parental recommendation – to the free trainings scheduled to start from 20 November. At the extracurricular experience-oriented courses, students explore various topics of everyday life through playful task-oriented activities.

Five years after it was launched, MCC’s Youth Talent Programme is now opening a training centre in Debrecen – in addition to those in Veszprém, Szolnok, Pécs, Miskolc, Kecskemét, Budapest, Berehove and Sfântu Gheorghe – for fifth graders wishing to evolve. “At the end of the selection process 25 children from Debrecen will join to reinforce the 700-strong Youth Talent Programme”, said Milán Constantinovits, head of MCC Youth Talent Programme.

The Youth Talen Programme is a unique training programme supplementing public education and offering extracurricular talent promotion to senior school students. The Programme develops and increases children’s appetite for learning, prepares them to pursue further education, helps them in making their career choice and to succeed in life. In the Youth Talent Programme, they learn for example how to resuscitate or to deal with money, they can try themselves as reporters, familiarize with robotics and may get a glimpse even into futurology. In addition to these, children can participate in awareness-raising development sessions such as activities with therapy animals, conflict management trainings or sensitivity meetings showing the life of people with disabilities.

The Youth Talent Programme is based on digital training materials allowing for studying at home and in-class contact hours with playful activities every second Saturday. Beyond all these, an English language course focusing on the speaking skills and further community programmes diversify the Youth Talent Programme. If the pandemic does not allow for holding in-class sessions, the whole of the training will switch to distance education.

The Programme has its own team of psychologists and talent promotion is also assisted by renown experts such as specialist psychologists Dr. Emőke Bagdy and Dr. Annamária Kádár who are also patrons of the Youth Talent Programme. MCC maintains a close contact also with the children’s parents organising regular lectures and professional workshops to them.

Fifth graders can still apply to join the Youth Talent Programme. Please submit your application – with parental recommendation – through the Programme’s website at: fit.mcc.hu. Following application, students will be selected.