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Education in France is currently characterized by a significant decline in standards and expectations - this was one of the topics addressed by Marion Maréchal, former Member of the French National Assembly, in her lecture held at Mathias Corvinus Collegium, in Tas vezér Street, in the framework of the Budapest Lectures series. At the event, organized jointly by MCC and the Danube Institute, the director of the Institut des sciences sociales, économiques et politiques (ISSEP) in Lyon also spoke about the dangers of the growing far-left ideology.

The expert, who is also known as the youngest MP in the history of French politics, stressed that in the 1960s and 1970s, there has been a major shift in attitudes towards education in France and this continues to set the trends today. Instead of history, geography and the French language, there has been an increasing emphasis on more specialized subjects such as economics. This has also led to a significant deterioration in basic skills, with fewer and fewer students being able to read or write correctly, just to give an example. In higher education, the so-called woke culture has gained prominence, and those teachers and lecturers who do not take into account the expectations of this ideology can be reported by students and the process may end in dismissal, said Marion Maréchal. ISSEP, a private institution run by the former member of the French National Assembly, goes against this kind of exclusivist ideology that also makes public dialogue impossible. The deterioration in the quality of education and a constant lowering of expectations are the direct consequences of the latter - added the director who also spoke of phenomena such as the theory of white privileges or the Islamo-leftism.

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