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Future research, the scientific foundations of the Star Wars universe, a comparison of sci-fi and reality - just a few topics in which our sixth-graders from Miskolc, led by physicist-astronomer Deme Barnás, were able to delve into during the 21 November session. But our students also got answer to a number of other questions during Saturday: What do space explorers do? Is there life beyond Earth? What are the latest advances in space technology? What scenarios can humanity have? Is life conceivable on another planet?

And our fifth graders were able to learn more about Internet awareness: Is there life beyond Facebook? What is the internet good for and what can be its dangers? How to create a good password? The Internet encompasses our daily lives, but can we use it consciously enough? With the help of Tamás Rábely, the young people got to know that in addition to social networking sites and games, there are also many practical possibilities on the Internet, such as educational programs, books, films and music. There are also many dangers in the online world, from viruses to cyberbullying, which is why conscious internet use is especially important. Students were immediately able to put into practice their theoretical knowledge on the laptops of the FIT (Youth Talent) Program.