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Geopolitical futurist Abishur Prakash came to Hungary at the invitation of Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC).

At the festival, Prakash spoke about the role of artificial intelligence in society and the expected geopolitical changes. The futurist said at the event that the period ahead of us would be shaped by technologies such as artificial intelligence, gene editing (CRISPR), blockchain and virtual reality. They will also influence the structure of the economy.

According to Prakash, it is no longer true that the Far East competes with the West due only to its huge reserve of unskilled and cheap labor force. For example, leading companies in Singapore and New Zealand are skimming off the cream of the skilled labor pool. There is a race for skilled labor and talent.
Another phenomenon is that it is no longer countries that are competing with each other for labor and influence, but technology giants whose power is bigger than the influence of states in the international arena. This is something that today's young talents need to be prepared for," concluded the futurist.