As a former student of MCC, I became part of not only a professionally excellent institution, but also an inspiring and supportive community of values. Learning from the best is both a privilege and a responsibility. A privilege, because not everyone has the opportunity to engage in lively discussions with the best in the business, and a responsibility in terms of what happens after you have learned? Is it an end in itself? Is it an indulgence?

I want to not only put this knowledge to good use, but also to put it back. "You can't not communicate", Paul Watzlawick, a communications expert, once said. As a lover of the social sciences and humanities, I am particularly attracted - in Watzlawickian terms - to examine and research the power of professional, public discourse, the evolution of the increasingly urgent climate discourse or the changing public sphere in the new media; now as a researcher at the MCC.


  • BCE, Doctoral School of Sociology and Communication Studies
  • BCE, MSc in Communication and Media Studies
  • ELTE BTK, BA in German Studies and Scandinavian Studies, Swedish Language and Literature
  • MCC, Leadership Academy
  • MCC, specialisation in Media


  • English (upper level)
  • MCC - Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences
  • German Intermediate