I believe that the most important task of the 21st century is to find a harmonious balance between man-made and natural systems. I am convinced that the most pressing social, economic and political issues of the century ahead will be unsolvable without a redefinition of the relationship between nature and man. I am therefore very pleased to be able to address this issue as Director of the Climate Policy Institute.

I believe it is essential to be able to talk about climate change and other natural issues in a way that is understandable and free of extremes. I consider one of the most important tasks of the Climate Policy Institute to be to ensure that environmental issues are addressed to a broad section of Hungarian society and form part of the national minimum. I also consider it my personal mission to ensure that the Hungarian public discourse is guided by a way of thinking that respects reason and tradition, free from alarmism and denial.

In addition to my other professional tasks, I am pleased to have the opportunity to pass on to the students of the Collegium the knowledge and values necessary to solve the problems of the future, because I consider it extremely important that we have not only top-down solutions to the issues that affect us all, but also bottom-up solutions.

I am an agricultural engineer with a degree in environmental management, and my studies were in the direction of political sciences. I have a degree in English and German, and am currently learning the subtleties of Chinese.