"The best thing about the MCC's programs is that they focus not only on knowledge acquisition and talent management, but also on community building. It's great to work in an environment where the students are part of a cohesive team alongside the staff. As a qualified communications professional, I believe it is important to have valuable relationships between people and to communicate effectively. MCC's berks gives people of all ages the opportunity to achieve this, and in fact this is the added value that makes it so good to be at MCC. My goal is to provide our students with this well-functioning social network, the opportunity for experiential learning and the MCC experience. In addition to all this, my tasks include shaping the everyday life of the Debrecen Training Center dormitory, actively interacting with students and ensuring the quality of the University Program."


  • Communication Specialist (BBTE Communication, bachelor and master degree)
  • Qualified teacher (BBTE Institute for Teacher Training, Bachelor and Master Degree)

Languages: Hungarian, Romanian, English