Dr. Dalma Lilla Dominek graduated from the University of Pécs, first as a geography teacher and then as a lawyer. She later obtained her doctorate in Education at the Doctoral School of Education of the University of Pécs. Her research interests include the emergence of flow-based education in cultural and higher education institutions. She is an adjunct professor at the Department of Social Communication, Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, National University of Public Service and a researcher at the Institute for Learning Research, Mathias Corvinus Collegium.

Two books have been published so far: the first is Flow, or Playful Communication in Museums, and the second is Experience-based Environmental Education in Science Museums.

She has several years of experience in public administration, having worked as a chief of staff to the Secretary of State and then as CEO of a public company for innovation.

She is a member of the Andragogy Subcommittee of the Pedagogical Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and a public member of the Pedagogical Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. She is also a member of several scientific societies and has participated in several national and international projects. She is currently a member of a research group on digital education, measuring and evaluating flow, which has so far resulted in a 2nd place in an international competition.