Leadership Programme

The Leadership Programme is the last phase of the University Programme aiming the improve the leadership skills of our students. We provide our students with unique preparation, a view on the world and an international way of thinking so that later on in their respective workplaces they could occupy positions fitting their talents and they could become prominent figures of their generation. The programme is characterized by the educational standards and approaches of the highest-ranking universities in the world. It has three basic elements: the weekend workshops, the Leadership Club discussions and the project works. Professors of international standing involved in the programme provide students with outstanding knowledge and an opportunity to find their way in a global world. The training in the Leadership Programme is complemented with attitude development methods that equip the participants of the programme with the ability of creative problem solving, efficient stress management, overcoming fear and, on team level, of building trust and adaptive management.

The solution-oriented methods applied during the courses, such as case studies, simulation practices and attitude development provide a great competitive advantage on the labour market to the participants of the programme. Thanks to the practice-oriented training, after they have completed the Leadership Programme, not only can the students give outstanding performances in their own fields, but they will also be suited to leading working groups in which they can accomplish common goals with experts in different fields. Moreover, our students become part of a relationship network and of a community that will stay with them throughout their career.

In the leadership programme, priority is given to the development of cognitive skills that is realised in MCC’s Csikszentmihalyi Flow Research Centre. We are also setting up a leadership development incubator programme where, relying on a mission-driven way of thinking, our students focus on solving real business or government problems while gaining experience in leadership and organisational development.

Dr. Imre Porkoláb

Imre Porkoláb, PhD is currently the Director of the Leadership Training Academy at MCC. He has served over 30 years at various positions at the MoD, Defence Staff and as the commander of Hungary’s SOF unit. He spent a significant part of his career developing the Hungarian Special Forces capability, has completed operational tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and is a highly decorated military officer. In 2011 he has been appointed to be the National Liaison Representative to NATO’s strategic command (ACT). In 2014 he was selected to be SACT’s representative to the Pentagon where he was aligning NATO’s capability building and transformation efforts with the US MoD, Joint Staff, and the Think Tank community. He was also actively engaged in building up NATO co-operation with the US defense innovation ecosystem. From 2018 he was serving as the Deputy National Armament Director for Research-Development and Innovation at the PrimeMinister’s Cabinet office in Hungary. Imre joined the MCC community in OCT 2020. His research interests include the human side of digital transformation, unconventional leadership in VUCA context, and optimizing human performance. His academic background includes Corvinus, Harvard, and Stanford universities. He is a recognised international speaker with multiple TEDx talks, and a bestseller writer. His first book "Szolgálj, hogy vezethess" was published in 2016 and his second one "A stratégia művészete" in 2019.