Cluj University Programme

Our Cluj University Programme provides high class complimentary training to university students in Cluj.

In recent years we have identified a need at MCC’s Cluj Centre to create a talent management programme filling the gap between our Secondary School Programme and our Leadership Academy with fruitful educational content. To fulfil such a demand, we are launching our Cluj University Programme, which provides high class complimentary training to university students in Cluj. 

Our programme is free of charge, and runs for the full three-year period during undergraduate education. The training takes place in Hungarian, at the MCC's Cluj-Napoca Centre, in dedicated training rooms and MCC’s Official Clubhouse.

Programme Objective

The aim of our training is to nurture the most prominent students- educating young people who feel a sense of responsibility for their community, demonstrate leadership potential, and have a confident command of foreign languages. We offer our students a motivating community, an inspiring and supportive environment, and professional high-class schooling with the most renowned experts.

In addition to theoretical trainings, admitted students will also be given the opportunity to gain experience through project work, as well as a chance to realise their own ideas, while we provide them free, continuous mentoring. Moreover we support and encourage students to take part in various competitions and conferences, and have decided to launch language courses preparing students to acquire at least a B2-level examination successfully, thereby gaining the ability to use Romanian appropriately on a conversational level.

Besides their professional development we consider it important for students to gain competence in the world as a cohesive community. Accordingly, we regularly organise a series of exciting community activities including camps, joint afternoon programmes, and monthly thematic meetings. In addition, we created a Club Room where joint study and teamwork contribute to community building further.

Throughout the programme students receive continuous, personalised feedback for more effective development. At the end of their third year, following the completion of the training, we award the work of students with an MCC Diploma. The diversity of our programmes, the ability of students to realise their own project ideas, the free professional training, and the combination of experience-based education enhance student performance, while motivating them to attain personal goals, making the learning process truly enjoyable. Graduates from our Cluj University Programme will acquire thorough lexical and practical knowledge, making them the most outstanding, prominent experts of their field.