Career planning


One of the main goals of our Career Center in addition to talent management- is to equip MCC students with skills - which will help them to meet the needs of the labor market easily and respond effectively to its challenges.

We put great emphasis on working closely with key players of the labor market (companies, organizations, institutions) and providing students up-to-date information on current market trends, employer expectations and professional requirements.

Our mission is to offer services for students, that actively help them to achieve their individual career goals, gain professional and working experience during their studies, and finally find a great place of work. We also help them with counseling and mentoring services.

Through our corporate and institutional collaborations, we offer our students internship and job opportunities so that they can use the knowledge they have acquired in the labor market, according to their unique skills, abilities and interests.

In collaboration with our partners, our students can also participate in the practical implementation of projects that focus on solving real social or business problems that facilitate their individual development.

We consider it as an important task to monitor the career path of MCC Alumni members, to involve them in our daily activities, and to integrate their labor market experience into the education programme of our students.